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your fall 2017 sneak peek

May 18, 2017

Flowers are in bloom and we’ve got a spring in our step. But every year, just as we’re settling into the warmer months, there comes a thrilling little surprise that almost makes us want to fast forward through summer and straight on to fall. You read that right, Fall! There’s something about the crisp weather and stylish layers that brings fashionistas endless joy and inspiration. So, we ask you to hit pause on the spring season and hit play on this video—our Fall 2017 Sneak Peek.

This season, we’re jetting off to a land of princes and punks, mods and rockers—a place that’s always been at the forefront of fashion; a place where fearless women who challenge convention become icons. You’ll discover an equal number of ensembles devised of unorthodox pairings and exotic prints, as well those that radiate the essence of elegance and poise. This fall, we’re pushing our pursuit of style and ideas further than ever before, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

  • Adriana Scialpi

    As always, my interest is peaked! Love the preview…it’s FUN!

    • Debbie Slack Higgs

      I stopped the video through out – to catch a better peak.

      • Not a bad idea 😉

    • SO fun!

  • Debbie Slack Higgs

    beautiful! So excited!!

    • We are too! We can’t wait for you to see the rest.

  • Lynn Byrne

    Love the rich color combinations in the Fall 17 sneak peak, especially the gold/brown tones with the blues! Absolutely have to have the tassel earrings!

    • Yes! We couldn’t agree more 🙂

  • Lynn Byrne

    ❤️ Zip skinny jeans in new dark green color. Military jacket and grey tunic are my favs so far.

    • Love those picks! 🙂

  • lilmil

    Really….a pussy hat?
    You may have just lost me.

    • Hi Lilly, it is actually a vintage Eugenia Kim pillbox hat with little cat ears. Our Fashion Director loves special vintage finds like this, and this particular hat is right on trend with the quirky-meets-posh vibe of our Fall 2017 Collection.

    • Laurie H

      Me too…..

      • Laurie, we don’t blame you!

  • Suzan Tintorri

    The skirts are way too short!

  • Jodi Askew

    Can’t wait – everything looks beautiful!! My fall clothing budget will be gone quickly.

    • Jodi, we can definitely understand why 🙂

  • Dale Kalkofen

    I like the hats and gloves.

    • They’re the perfect accessories!

  • Maret

    I continue to be disappointed that you don’t offer anything larger than a size 16 or XL. You’re not really all about women if you don’t include everyone. And that garbage about throwing a bone to the bigger girls to “try everything,” is offensive. It’s no better than us going to the mall and having to try on everything there hoping that maybe, just maybe there will be one thing that fits. I actually left a party last year in tears. It was about the most humiliating experience I have been through in a long, long time.

    • Meg

      I’m abnormally tall, and I don’t go around crying when things don’t fit or demanding that clothing lines make clothes for my body. Stop wasting your mental energy complaining, and do something about it. Find a line that fits you. It’s a game changer.

      • Maret

        I have done just that. However, in my circle of friends these home parties are a big deal. And CAbi claims that they are all about and for women. If you have ever listened to a promotional speech about CAbi and their founder, and how she is all about making women feel beautiful, you would be upset, too. I am speaking to the humiliation I felt at such an event.

  • Mary Ellrodt

    Loved the ankle boots but sadly too high 🙁
    Keep heels at 3″ or below!!!! for me-so no shoes for me this time around.